Our profession is a subtle blend of passion, rigor, precision and discretion. We enjoy a unique relationship with our clients, offering bespoke service for even the most demanding clientele.
When a property is put up for sale, several points require attention: the deeds, the existence, or not, of rights of way, the exact size and land-register reference for each part of the property, etc., in order to make the most precise estimation possible. When selling an apartment, it is important to view the minutes of general assemblies in order to gain precise information on co-tenancy and any future work planned. When selling a property, we strongly advise the use of an expert to carry out the various compulsory diagnostics before seeing the solicitor. Buying or selling property is, of course, much more than just a simple transaction. We can provide expert advice throughout the process, with the support of financial organisations and solicitors for property, legal or fiscal queries.
When renovation or improvement work is required, we can recommend a set of carefully selected, skilled, professional tradesmen: architects, technical coordinators, decorators, kitchen-designers, landscape gardeners and builders.
Our duty is to provide clients with the very best advice possible.