180 m2
7 Pièces
3 Chambre(s)
1 SdB
1 SdE
4600 m2




Location : One hour north of Uzès, South Ardèche, in a natural environment between vineyards and scrubland. The nearest village is 4 kilometers from this architectural work.

Description : We invite you to take part in a wonderful human, architectural and poetic adventure. Bubbles of oxygen that remind us of our origins and summon our vision of the future, the imperative need to blend in with nature. This is the project of a handful of architects in the 1970s: designing the habitat of tomorrow. It must be energy-efficient, modular, integrated into the environment and feasible for everyone. “New relationships are being developed between Architecture and Sculpture, which in turn take and give each other as a model. The house fits the land, it should not simply occupy it but be one with it. The house is made up of white bubbles outside and orange inside, these bubbles are connected between them by galleries. The bubbles rest on 14 stilts planted in the rock. Their arrangement is the result of a long observation of the site in order to optimize the view or the sunshine. Oculi pierced in the attic of the vaults remind us of the Pantheon of Rome, rounded bays and skydomes give a natural zenithal light. Each bubble is a living space created to measure to meet the needs of each occupant. The result is stunning: 180 m2 or m3 of living space, 4600 m2 of land offering a panoramic view. This work of art has been awarded the “20th Century Heritage” label and is registered as a Historic Monument, the ultimate sign of recognition for the noblest creations in order to immortalize them.

Architectural work
Space and volumes
Historical Monuments
Calm, privileged environment
What we think about it: The roundness of the forms modifies our spatial perception, everything is softer… Isn’t roundness the origin of everything ?


Office d’Uzès

Hôtel d’André, 3 place aux Herbes

Isabelle Clavié : +33(0)6 11 68 31 59 – Office +33 (0)4 66 20 27 62


DPE : A pour électricité D pour bois
Prix : nous consulter
Réf. 20.1309 PP
Côté pratique
Commerces - Écoles - Village - Rivière - Nature

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