The PONCET & PONCET office located at 72 Grand Rue Jean Moulin, 34000 Montpellier, holds license number CPI 3402 2018 000 032 766, issued by the CCI de l’Hérault, indicating authorization for “real estate and business transactions” as well as “property management,” both guaranteed by the Caisse de Garantie de l’Immobilier GALIAN, 89 rue La Boétie – 75008 PARIS, under the number 25250 V, with a coverage amount of 120,000 euros.
Office phone : 04 67 02 03 31 – Email :
Limited Liability Company (SARL) with a capital of 7,600 euros – Siret number: 447 557 539 00023 – RCS number: 447 557 539 – APE code: 703 A



Sale price exceeding 500,000 euros: 6% including VAT*

Sale price up to 499,000 euros: 7% including VAT*

Emphyteutic leases: 8% including VAT*

Commercial properties: 10% including VAT*

Fees paid by the Seller*

Minimum transaction fee: 10,000 euros

For successions:

Fees will be borne by the Buyers only



Simple Valuation Report: 300 euros including VAT*

Detailed Valuation Report: 1,800 euros including VAT*

Expertise starting from 2,400 euros including VAT*

The fees for expertise services are provided based on a personalized quote

established using an average hourly rate of 120 euros including VAT*


*VAT: Tax included at a rate of 20%
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